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to all nonemergency vehicles. hundreds of cars are stranded on the expressway because of the snow. many of the people in the cars, well, have been rescued. but some are still out there. authorities say they're doing everything they can to get everyone and make sure they are warm. more fury today over the hacking of bush family e-mails posted on a gossip website. the postings include messages from both presidents and family communications sent during the elder bush's recent hospital stay. today a spokeswoman for jeb bush called it a, quote, outrageous breach of privacy. let's get back to jason carol live in boston. jason, you are learning more about the tragedy involving that 12-year-old boy. what do you know? >> reporter: well, deb, it's just an incredibly sad story. it happened early this afternoon. and much like a lot of people, a man and his son had headed out to dig out their car. as you can see, in this neighborhood here, we've been seeing it happen all day long. so basically, he had come out,
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cleared one side of his car, his son got cold and decided to go inside to stay warm. he was inside the car, debby, from maybe 10, maybe 15 minutes. but unbeknownst to the boy's father, the tailpipe was clogged with snow. and looking at these cars here in this neighborhood, and throughout the city, you can see how easy that could happen. unfortunately, the young boy became overcome by carbon monoxide. they brought him outside of the car. the young boy was unresponsive. neighbors and paramedics tried to revive the boy. he went into cardiac arrest. and unfortunately a short time later, once he got to hospital, he was pronounced dead. incredibly tragic story and also a reminder, even though the storm has passed, there are still potentially dangerous situations that still remain behind the storm. and, in fact, i reached out to the mayor's office just about an hour and a half ago. the mayor's office releasing a statement saying, in part, the news of this tragic accident is a sad reminder that the danger of the storm is not over.
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our hearts go out to the family and their friends who are learning of this tremendously sad accident. and the mayor's office also putting out reminders, reminding people as they're coming out like you see in this neighborhood here, to clear out their cars. a lot of people willing to come out, because the travel ban was lifted a half hour ago. but as people in boston and other communities, whether in rhode island, whether you're in connecticut or new york, you're coming out to clear out your car, to make sure that before you start running the car, make sure all parts of the car are clear. deb? >> all right. a tragic and vital lesson. jason carol, thank you so much. we really appreciate your reporting today. thanks. connecticut, which got hit especially hard by the blizzard, is struggling to dig itself out. helping state crews to clear roads in the state. about 600,000 people, they're without power across the region. you can see what it looked like there. most of those people without power in massachusetts, rhode island, new york, connecticut and maine.
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we see the massachusetts numbers there going down. they were above 400,000 earlier today. that number has now dropped. connecticut, and that's where we find our ashleigh banfield. so ashley, how is it out there? >> reporter: the sun is going down. and guess what happens when the sun goes down, deb? the temperature goes down too. and the warning here tonight is i just feel like debby downer all day. warning, warning, warning. but this is serious. the temperature is going down. with a wind chill to minus 10. in some areas of connecticut tonight. and here comes another gust with blowing snow, which makes drifts like this a problem. because no matter how many times -- watch what's coming behind me at about four seconds -- a plow. no matter how many times a plow goes by, the snow keeps drifting. so, yes, the governor lifted the travel ban a half hour ago. but he is begging people not to travel. it's the same story everywhere throughout this blizzard zone.
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it is a mess. have a look. the feared monster nor'easter didn't disappoint. 2 feet of snow. and in some places, plenty more. like tens of thousands of new englanders without power on saturday. >> this has been a record-breaking storm with snowfalls reported as great as 38 inches. right now our main priority is to clear roads. >> reporter: the numbers at the tell the tale. milford, a whapg 38 inches. new haven, 34. bridgeport, 30. here in wallingford, connecticut, check out this local firefighter. he's 6'3" and yet still struggles just to march through nearly knee-high snow in order to check on locals. and make any necessary rescues. and in neighboring massachusetts over 2 feet of snow fell in the western part of the state. but in boston, the mayor says the situation could have been much worse. >> i'm happy to report the city
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so far has weathered the storm well. no major power outages. no severe flooding. we still have a little way to go. to get to the rest of the storm. >> reporter: this is the scene at boston's logan airport today. snowplows working around the clock. if the snowplows won't or can't come, some residents are taking matters into their own hands, shoveling the snow themselves to find their cars again. >> i hope this is my car. >> reporter: how long have you been at it? >> about an hour. >> reporter: looks like you've made some headway here. how much longer do you think you have to go? >> at least two more. >> reporter: across the region, driving is treacherous. if you don't have to venture out, officials say, please don't. as for the airports, they too are struggling to recover from closures and delays over the past 24 hours. more than 5,000 flights had to be cancelled, due to this
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walloping blizzard. and several thousand plows are blanketing these states, trying to clean up this mess. who knows where they're going to be able to put it all until mother nature melts it. here's another thing the governor of this state has asked everyone to do. please help to clear out a fire hydrant if it's near your home. because this is also becoming a big problem. and by the way, if you can see the car dealership behind me here, you can see many of the cars are drifting right up, and covered. this is also a problem for cars that shouldn't have been out on the road, and got stuck. the governor has said one of the biggest impediments to getting life going again is all those abandoned cars, which plows can't get around, cause traffic back-ups and also make utility vehicles unable to do what they're here to do, which is very frustrating with thousands of people still without power, deb. >> no question. what's so fascinating to me, you say they have lifted the travel ban and people are traveling. where are they going to go?
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everything is closed. ashleigh banfield out there for us in connecticut. i'm just wondering. i'm just talking out loud. all right. thank you so much. we appreciate it. hundreds of motorists stranded on long island road right as the blizzard hit. we'll tell you which mega store turned into an unlikely source of shelter for the group. wait for it... wait for it... [ dog ] you know, i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system allows us to get you through your home loan process fast. which means you'll never have to beg for a quick closing. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. bonkers, look at me when i'm talking to you. to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger.
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the travel ban in connecticut was supposed to be lifted just over half an hour ago. but doesn't mean anyone would actually want to get out. take a look at some of these pictures from new haven. cat glor took these and shared them with us. oh, boy, a lot of digging on those cars. withis now via skype. cat, how much snow fell outside your building? >> i can't give you the exact amount, because the largest measuring stick we had ended at 24 inches, it's well above that. at least 30. >> i'm looking over your shoulder, and the drift looks pretty substantial there. >> yeah, we're not going
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anywhere for a while. we had managed to dig a little bit through the courtyard you see behind me, but all of the streets outside are still completely blocked. >> you know, the one thing i love when the snow falls like this, and you are sort of stranded inside for the day is when you go out, it's quiet. there's just a quiet. have you -- did you notice that when you went outdoors? >> it was. well, we didn't venture out until about 1:00 this afternoon. by the time we got to the main street right here, which is really just about 100 feet, everybody was out digging themselves out, kids were playing in the snow. we actually saw some of our local police department digging out one of their cars that had been struck. so it is quieter, but the one thing you hear is the sounds of shovels. >> right, exactly. oh, my gosh. you're also going to hear the sounds of some pretty angry motorists when they come to clear those streets and the snow gets pushed right back up on to the cars. did you have -- were you able to
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weather out the storm pretty well? >> we were lucky right here in our neighborhood of new haven, we didn't lose power at all. i live in an older building that's weathered quite a few storms over the past 100 years. sandy had the water coming up close, but we didn't see anything quite like the wind we heard last night. >> all right. and so it sounds like -- at least rhode island is going to be back up for business come monday. do you feel the same is going to happen in new haven? >> that's certainly my hope. looking outside right now, it would be hard to imagine. but, you know, this isn't the first time that people in new england have dug out from a storm like this. i just hope i can find my car come monday morning. >> do you plan to go to work, assuming you can find your car and dig it out? >> that is certainly the plan right now. >> all right. can you imagine? hi, i can't come to work today, i don't know where my car is. cat glor, thank you so much, we appreciate you sending us the great pictures. and i noticed in one of them the great snowman with the green scarf wrapped around.
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nice job. appreciate your doing that for us. >> thank you so much. >> okay. for some motorists stranded along long island, new york, walmart opened its doors and became a refuge. more than two dozen people, along with several employees sought shelter in the store. it initially had closed early, but it ended up staying open, past midnight. the motorists were stuck on secondary roads after major roadways were shut down. no word on whether anybody got a discount. okay, i just added that part. anyway, the mountains of snow, the hurricane-force winds, the power outages, it all adds up to comedy gold for some late-night hosts. here's their take on the blizzard of 2013. >> everybody is talking about this big winter storm that could dump 3 feet of snow on the east coast, and knock out power to 24 million people. to put things in perspective, that's about six beyonce halftime shows. the storm is a big deal. in fact, i heard the weather channel is expecting totals of 12 to 20 viewers.
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>> as you know, there is a -- my god, just a huge snowstorm going on back -- hope everybody is doing okay. i know some folks lost power back east. so good luck to them. i spoke to my buddy in boston. they already got a ton of snow in boston. he said massachusetts is now whiter than a romney family reunion. that's how much snow. hey, but some people love the snow. i tell you, martha stewart today, did you see her on the news? she built a snowman whose eyes were natural black onyx and nose a caramelized roasted baby carrot, sprinkled with thyme. beautiful, beautiful snowman. >> is there something wrong with that nose? i don't know. it sounds okay to me. two years ago, the lead singer of alabama shakes was working at the postal service. now she's at the grammys. ♪ [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all?
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well, they're getting things ready for the big show tomorrow night. the 55th annual grammy awards. of course, all the big names will be there.
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including gotye, up for a record of the year. ♪ get you caught up on somebody that you used to know ♪ ♪ but you didn't have to cut me off ♪ >> of course, gotye is in good company. a year where the theme of the grammys is new blood. here is cnn entertainment correspondent, michelle turner. ♪ >> reporter: we are young. that could be the theme of the 55th annual grammy awards. >> it's been an incredible year in music. it feels like alternative music is back. >> reporter: this year, the spotlight isn't on veterans, like springstein or dylan. it's about fun and the black keys and mumford & sons and frank ocean and jack white. ♪ yeah, i won't >> reporter: they're all nominated for album of the year. and they're all in their 20s or 30s. ♪ i will wait i will wait for you ♪ >> reporter: in addition,
1:49 pm
mumford & sons, dan auerbach, and frank ocean go in with six nods apiece, jay-z and kanye west. ♪ >> reporter: but this past year, attention was focused on the breakout stars, most notably, fun. the power pop trio from new york, and frank ocean, the new orleans r & b singer, who shot to stardom with this emotional performance on late night with jimmy fallon, where he sang about an unrequited love with another man. ♪ to be in love with someone who can never love you ♪ >> reporter: both ocean and fun are nominated for best new artist. along with country multiinstrumentalist hunter hayes. >> my first record, debut record. >> reporter: blues rap group, alabama shakes -- >> two years ago, what were you guys doing? weren't you working at the postal service? >> yes. yes, i was working -- i was
1:50 pm
delivering postal mail. >> reporter: and folk rock treo, the luminaries. >> went from sleeping in people's friends' houses and going to six people to a hotel room to now, like, grammy nominations. ♪ ♪ as long as i've got my suit and tie ♪ >> reporter: on sunday, look for justin timberlake's first grammy performance in four years. rihanna's first solo turn at the grammys since a physical altercation with chris brown caused her to cancel in 2009. and a collaboration featuring bruno mars, sting and rihanna. michelle turner, cnn, los angeles. >> and to get you in the groove for the grammys tonight, 8:00 p.m., a special look at beyonce, "finding her destiny." michelle turner looks at the performer's career and why she has become such a celebrated artist. tonight, 8:00 eastern, right here on cnn. sure does! ♪ wow.
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checking today's top stories. a source close to jesse jackson jr. says the former congressman has signed a plea deal. federal prosecutors, along with the fbi, were investigating jackson for possibly financial improprieties, including misusing campaign funds. the u.s. attorney's office in washington, d.c. has no comment. lawyers representing jackson are not returning calls from cnn. jackson resigned from congress last year after taking an extended medical leave. well, fired police officer accused of murder, staying one step ahead of the former comrades pursuing him. the search is back on for christopher dorner in the big bear lake area, east of los angeles.
1:55 pm
authorities are hoping surveillance video might help the search. it alleged shows dorner tossing a magazine full of bullets and a military belt into a dumpster outside san diego. dorner has described himself as an enemy combatant. the first lady joins mourners at the funeral of a chicago teen. hadiya pendelton was shot and killed days after she poermd at the presidential inauguration. her mother says no parent should go through what she is going through now. and a sight millions in the northeast will not see this weekend. a mail truck. the postal service says it is suspending mail delivers in seven states because of this weekend's huge blizzard. back now to the search for fired lapd police officer, christopher dorner. kyung lah has obtained footage. it shows he knows how to handle a weapon well. >> reporter: christopher dorner,
1:56 pm
lapd cadet in 2005. what do you think, watching this, considering what's happened? >> well, he's an expert with weapons. definitely. he's definitely dangerous. >> reporter: this man spent months with dorner at the lapd training academy. we are altering his voice and not showing his face, because he fears dorner will go after his police friends. but he wants the public to see this, so people understand what the lapd is facing. >> if you look at chris, you can see that he's a little bit of an expert. watch how he disarms the shoot. almost no movement when he shoots the gun, and then pop, like nothing. >> reporter: so he stood out. >> yeah, he stood out. he knew what he was doing. the lapd has -- they're going to be going after one of their own former, and he knows -- like i say, he knows what he's doing. he knows how to use everything. >> reporter: being a cop, do you think that it was -- could you tell that it was important to him? >> yeah, i think it was very important to him. yeah. >> reporter: you could see it. >> yeah. >> reporter: even during the
1:57 pm
training. >> right, yeah. i think it's a 300-pound dummy. and is he does that easily. >> reporter: easily. not everything was easy for dorner. the aspiring police officer. this man says he witnessed drill instructors picking on him for his weight and slow running. >> when i hear about how angry he is about the lapd, i think that fits to my experience with him. i could kind of -- that matches up when he says things about lapd, matches up to the way i think he had his experience through the lapd, especially the academy. >> reporter: this man never spoke to dorner, but he never forgot the cadet. your thought was this man represents power and strength. >> exactly. i wanted to show and maybe put music and show the lapd is powerful and look at this powerful man, you know, handling this gun. >> reporter: is it frightening to think that the lapd is now facing this man? >> yeah, yeah. i mean, this guy, it's no joke. >> reporter: and one police are
1:58 pm
taking very seriously. kyung lah, cnn los angeles. >> i'm deb fer riyerick that wio it for me. lots more coming up on "newsroom," that starts after a short break. this is america.
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